The Beginnings


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The story behind East Park Cigars Co.

In 2020, a successful & audacious beverage industry titan and a thriving viral marketing and e-commerce mogul joined forces, inspired by their common roots and passions. They traveled off the beaten path, left no stone unturned, in the search for the right blend to pair with their favorite spirits. Little did they know that the journey would take them back to their ancestral home, Santiago, Dominican Republic.

The Cibao valley’s rich soil, infused by the waters of the Yaque river, combined with the almost perfect microclimate conditions, yield some of the best tobacco in the world.

Brothers collaborate

The East Park Brothers – As the duo became known to their fellow cigar enthusiasts, they joined forces with a second-generation master blender and an icon of the modern cigar culture, bringing into existence the first East Park Cigar.

We treasure the true essence of Santiago, the nature of their people, and the magnificence of the Cibao Valley.

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